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New England Nests?
New England Nests is a small house building company located in the north central town of Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Our philosophy is to provide you with something well thought out, well built, and something you will have pleasure to live with.

We think it is refreshing to find something small.††† Something to enjoy every day. Something to call your own.

As we age (and if we have children they leave the nest), often times we come to the realization that less is more. We also discover that down-sizing and simplifying has its own merits. Instead of adding an extra room to our home, maybe we should add a small building to our property to achieve our own retreat or "my space". Perhaps an office, studio or "get-away" from our hectic lives without leaving our property (Just think, no weekend traffic jams or bad weather to worry about!).

The Thoreau Cabin is our first small building we would like to offer to you.†
Who we are...
The founders are Mark Carlisle and Mike Fortin. Mike built his first Timber Frame in Westminster, Massachusetts 30 years ago. He has since been involved in 300+ frames from 150 to 10,000 sq. ft.† Over the years, Mike and Mark have worked on various enterprises.
Enter Mark....
In 1996 Mike and Mark built Markís Timber Frame home in the carriage house style.
Enter Susie...
In 2005, Markís wife Susie, along with Mike, decided to build a reproduction of Thoreauís cabin, based on the reproduction cabin located on Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts.†† It seemed only fitting since Susie was writing her dissertation on Henry David Thoreau.† So Mike, Susie, and Mark built this cabin near the town center of Ashburnham, Massachusetts (located in the Mt. Monadnock region in North Central Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border) As it turned out, Mark ended up doing the lion's share of the work to get it completed!.†
What Else??
Our company goes beyond the Thoreau cabin. We also offer classic window and door trim packages to give you the authentic flavor of New England making it as easy as just "plugging" these units into your buildings rough opening. We also provide design services for those that feel that they need larger spaces. As our company evolves, there will be more classic New England Nests, architectural details and furnishings that will become available, so watch our website.

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