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Why New England Architectural Details?
What separates your house (or building) from the rest is a lot easier than you think. It is all about details and accents which create shadow lines and when done right, balance. How is this achieved? Trim, windows and doors. With our architectural services we can produce these items to truly make your project unique while adding significant value to your investment. Your carpenter or contractor will now have the ability to produce these details regardless of their abilities as we do the hard work. All you need is the rough opening and we take care of the rest. Whether it is a stock profile or one that requires us to match your profile type, we have the expertise to do so. In our woodworking shop we have the flexibility to duplicate existing woodwork, or create something new and out of the ordinary. Whether we start with stock windows, doors and trim or we custom build to your specifications, your project will stand out from the rest. Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs further. 1-(888) NE-NESTS (636-3787) 
Some of the New England Details we can provide:
These are some of the details used on the office/garage of New England Nests located in Ashburnham, MA. Remember, we can custom manufacture any details needed to make your project stand out from the rest.
New England Architectural Details can give your windows a distinctive look that will add value to any project.
New England Architectural Details can customize your door trim.
New England Architectural Details can custom build a cupola that will add a dramatic effect to your home.
Because of the nature of custom work, you should call and discuss your needs with us to get an idea of what a trim package will cost. We can supply any or all of your trim needs.
We also offer consultations to review your plans and offer suggestions of how to add New England Architectural Details to your home.
Call us at 1-(888) NE-NESTS (636-3787).

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Call Us at 1-(888) NE-NESTS (636-3787)